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Welcome to my official website, my name is Luna Malyna! I am a 28 year old professional photographer currently located in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been published in multiple publications such as New York Weekly, Pump Magazine, and many more. I specialize in portraits, automotive, commercial, and event photography. I have been photographing all the amazing things life has to offer for the last ten years now. I started out capturing photos of nature and badass cars as I adventured across the United States. And then I moved towards portraits and fashion photography for a few years. Jump forward to today and now I have an amazing company combining both of my photography passions called Motor Maidens! Through that I am using my art to empower women in the motor industry all over the globe! Everyone deserves to turn their passion or dream into reality, so please contact me today and schedule your free thirty minute consultation! I would love to help! And if you’d like to donate to support my passion, please click on the “Buy Me a Coffee” link at the top of the page! Thank you all for taking the time to visit my website and happy viewing! 

Beauty can be seen in all things. Seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.

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Featured Model: Fabian Meraz Location: Downtown, Salt Lake City Photographer: Luna Malyna

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