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Interviewed by Travis Norman (Mr. Santa Clause) of Freedom Studios in Layton, Utah. My first official interview was accompanied by a few of the beautiful models that model for my company Motor Maidens. We were invited by Travis and L.t. Weese to discuss the start of my company and the new and exciting direction I plan on taking it! I am so grateful to Freedom Studios for having myself and a few of the official Motor Maidens models! You can find more information about the interview on their official Facebook page, link below! And make sure to follow Motor Maidens to help support an amazing company that empowers women in the motor industry!

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Under & Over : Artist's Exposed

I had an amazing time talking to Chaz about being a multi-published professional photographer, a motor enthusiast, and an artist who has combined both passions to create my company Motor Maidens — a brand that empowers women in the motor industry. I also talk about how I got my start, what challenges I face being a female photographer in the automotive world, and where I see my brand and style going in the coming years. Want to listen along? Check out the links below for the full interview! 
Music by: Jared Hill Campbell
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Salt Lake Photographers & Models Network

I had an amazing interview with Francis Wong who runs the Salt Lake Photographers and Models Network Group! He reached out wanting to feature me in his exclusive group because a recent poll taken among the Utah photo community showed that I was voted as one of the safest female photographers in the state! I was extremely grateful and honored to featured and known for something I try my hardest to promote! No matter where I go or who I work with, I always try to create a safe and fun environment for everyone attending, so it made my heart overwhelmed with joy to hear this! I quickly sent him over my favorite photos and interview answers and he created the amazing collage above and featured me in the group the same day! I am forever grateful for the love and support I get from the photo community in Utah, and huge shout out again to Francis Wong for featuring me in his exclusive group! Below you can read over the interview and my responses! Thank you all again and happy viewing!

When did you start your career?
I started photographing nature and family at the age of 16. From 16 to 21 I did mostly nature and architectural photography. When I turned 21 I began photographing cars and motorcycles because I grew up as a motorhead. After a year of that I decided to take on portraits and since then I have combined my two niches and created a company that showcases the two perfectly.
What type of work have you gotten so far?
I have worked on the set of the Americas Real Deal television series. I have also worked as an event and commercial photographer for Rawtin Garage, Black Stitch Label, Indian Motorcycle, Harley Davidson Motorcycle, Law Tigers, Moto Jam Productions, Autorama, and Utah Motorsports Campus. I have also done photos for numerous different clothing and jewelry companies across the world. I have been published locally, nationally, and internationally in fifteen different magazines to date.
What is your favorite type of shoot if you must choose one?
I would have to say my all time favorite type of aesthetic is anything moody or street style. But I also have a love for all things pin up or spooky.
Who inspired you to do what you do?
I was originally inspired by family, specifically my mother, to pursue my photography passions. But in the end it was Meredith Devine who pushed me to combine my two photography niches to create the photos I love and enjoy today.
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Owner and Writer: Myself – Luna Malyna
Featured Models in Photo: Rae, Haylee, Fabian, Kira, Michelle
Featured Locations in Photo: Downtown-Salt Lake, Utah Motorsports Campus, Rawtin Garage, Big Cottonwood Canyon